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Dear Colleagues,

Dear Friends of the Angiology Summer Academy,

With great regret, I must unfortunately inform you that we had to cancel this year’s Angiology Summer Academy.

We decided to take this drastic step because the registration situation fell significantly short of our expectations, and we wanted to avoid imposing on your commitment without it being appreciated by a sufficient audience.

Even during the search for speakers, I noticed that many only wanted to commit if we allowed them to connect via video. However, we did not want online lectures, but lively discussions with the speakers, even outside of mainstream opinions. Experience has shown that this can only be achieved with an in-person event. Online workshops question the actual purpose of such events.

Unfortunately, we had to experience that our concept did not find sufficient resonance, even though the workshops and topics, as well as the speakers and chairpersons, were highly recognized in conversations with experts.

In Vienna, the Angiology Summer Academy has been run for some time in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Austrian Society for Internal Angiology, a concept that has proven viable for Austria. We will probably also aim for a similar solution in Berlin in the future, i.e., merging with another existing vascular medicine event.

We would like to expressly thank you for your declared willingness to actively support the Angiology Summer Academy and hope that we can realize parts of the program in a different setting or at the next Angiology Summer Academy – however it will be organized in the future.

With friendly and collegial greetings,

Peter Klein-Weigel

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